Garage Door Maintenance

Home Garage Door Maintenance

Maintaining your garage door is very important. Let one of our technicians assess your garage door to make sure it is operating properly.

Maintaining Your Garage Door

Garage door maintenance is part of every service call. Regular maintenance extends the life of your door. Carolina Garage Door Service Inc., performs a 12-point inspection with every service call. The inspection allows the technician to assess if your door is operating properly. Hinges, rollers and other moving parts are lubricated. Maintenance also ensures the door is operating safely. Your safety, protection and satisfaction is priority one with us!

Inspection checklist

  1. Photo Safety Sensor check
  2. Auto-reverse Safety check
  3. Proper balance of your Garage Door
  4. Gear Inspection
  5. Pulley Inspection
  6. Drum Inspection
  7. Cable Inspection
  8. Roller Inspection
  9. Garage Door Hinge and Fixture Inspection
  10. Bearing evaluation
  11. Overall proper Door operation
  12. Proper function of Garage Door Opener and remotes


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