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Most likely you have a broken spring. This is a common repair that affects all garage doors, normally when they have been in use for 8-10 years. Due to the extreme tension and risk of personal injury or property damage associated with this repair, we recommend having only a qualified garage door technician perform this repair.

The sensor eyes, located near the bottom of the vertical track, are out of alignment or there is something blocking the sensor eyes. In order for the door to function properly, the sensor must detect two solid LED lights. Remove any objects that are in the travel path of the door. If the door still does not close, the sensor is either misaligned or inoperative which will require adjustment or replacement.

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Garage doors are balanced with a specific amount of tension which is achieved through the use of springs and cables. If the balance is not properly set or, through normal operation, the door gets out of adjustment, you’ll end up with a crooked or jammed door. Your garage door needs to be inspected, rebalanced, lubricated, and tested for safe operation. Doors out of balance may fall out of the support track and cause serious personal injury or property damage. This repair should only be done by a qualified garage door service technician.

Most keypads are not hard-wired for power. Rather, they are powered by a nine-volt battery. If you change the battery and the keypad still doesn’t work, the logic board in the keypad could be bad which would require replacing the logic board or the entire keypad.


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