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Have you ever wanted to put overhead storage shelving or a bike or kayak hanger in the middle of your garage, but couldn’t because of the garage door opener?  You may want to consider getting a wall mount garage door opener.  

A wall-mounted opener frees up the ceiling space in your garage.  Since it mounts on the wall beside the door you don’t have to worry about overhead tracks, belt/chains, and the obtrusion of an opener.  


One of the best things about a wall-mounted opener is the lack of noise and vibration overhead from the track where the belt/chain drive moves as the door opens and closes.


Wall-mount units can include built-in Wi-Fi which allows you to control your door opener with a smartphone and the manufacturer’s app.  Another feature is automatic garage door locking deadbolts after your door closes so it is very secure.  Some models even offer secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime where the service is available.   An Amazon delivery can access your door enough to place a package inside and then close securing the door again.


These doors also offer battery back up options so if the power goes down you can still operate and monitor your garage door activity.  Some of these doors have an internal cable tension detector which eliminates safety concerns of external detection being bypassed or poor alignment.  With no external cable tension monitor, the installation time is less and your door operation is much quieter.  


With new technology comes new security or safety features and one of those is a powerfully bright LED light that uses less energy cutting down on your utility bill. 


At Access Garage Door we have a wide selection of high-quality doors, openers, and parts.  We carry a full line of smart technology door openers, wall mounted units, and quiet openers.  We will help you select the right door for your application and we will NOT install a door that will not work with your plans or existing motor.  


We take pride in offering quotes that include an out the door price and warranty.  We’ve been installing and repairing garage doors in the Upstate for years.  We are family-owned and local.  Call us today for all your garage door needs.


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