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You’re running late and you get in the car and start it while glancing at your phone.  You put the car in reverse and suddenly “bam” you realize in your hurry you forgot to raise the garage door.  Don’t feel bad it happens all the time.  You pull the car up and inspect the door.  A panel on the door is damaged, bent, or creased, but the door will still open and close.  Even with a slight impingement, you are able to raise the door but something has to be done so it operates normally and you don’t cause further damage to the door and the opener.  Plus you don’t want to be the eyesore of the neighborhood with a big dent in your garage door.  You begin to think about how much a new garage door is going to cost, but you may not have to replace the entire door.  It depends on the extent of the damage.

If you’ve damaged one more of your garage door panels replacement of may be an option.  Contact a professional garage door company that has a strong Google rating and a solid track record with the Better Business Bureau.  You can find a company’s rating on the Better Business Bureau website.  Once you have the information contact the company.  If you have a picture of the damaged panel it will be helpful so the company can assess it before they come out.  If you can provide the make, color, and a serial number of your garage door it will speed up the process.

age done to the panel, the rest of the door operation, and the age of the door.  If the damage is not caused by an accident but related to the age of the door it could be a sign that other panels or parts of the door are deteriorating and a full replacement is needed.

A professionally trained garage door technician can determine if your damaged panel can be replaced.  However, they will inspect the entire door operation to determine if further damage has been done that is not visible to the untrained eye.  Replacement is going to depend on the type of dam

Highly rated and ethical companies will not recommend replacing a panel if the rest of the door is near the end of its lifecycle and knowing patchwork service is going to end up costing you more money than a total replacement.  If the technician assesses that a replacement is possible you can rest assured that your door will operate properly upon replacement.  The technician will perform a complete garage door service to ensure the door operation and panel will last a long time.

Many people never think about their garage door and the total life-cycles a door has until something happens, or isn’t working.  Regular professional door maintenance will extend the life of your garage door and opener.  

If you require a new door the professional technician will guide you through the process.  They will provide you with several options based on the door rating your situation requires.  You will be able to select a door within those parameters online.  Most professionals have a large selection of garage doors to choose from in terms of styles, door, and color. 

Carolina Garage Door Service, Inc. has been providing professional garage door service, repair, and installation in the Coastal Carolinas for over 30 years!  We can help determine if your door just needs to be repaired, or replaced.  Call us today to help you with your garage door problems.  We serve Horry, Georgetown, SC, and Brunswick, NC counties.